Interactive software: RGB MusicLab Subway Synesthesia, 2010
Artist: Kenji Kojima

This a desktop standalone application on MacOS.

The Project is a composite artwork of visuals, music and technologies, that converts visual data into a music, in attempts to discover relation between visuals and musics. The project core was the development of software "RGB MusicLab". You can see the functions of application "RGB MusicLab" in the left Panel. The default image setting is "Mona Lisa" painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The program converts Red, Green and Blue pixel values to three notes of a harmony. and the length of note is determined by brightness of the pixel.

This Mona Lisa image has 103,600 pixels. The music will be too long, then the program makes mosaic on the left pane. Now the image is 8 by 12 pixels. You can listen each pixel of notes by clicking on a color. Basic conversion is chromatic scale, and you can arrange your music by many functions. Such as scale filters, Tempos. And you can select 142 different instruments.

It is not an impression of an image of a musical variation. It composes a score from an image directly. You can just draw out a music from an image.

Let's convert an image to music. RGB values of Mona Lisa painting will be piano sounds now.

I think you get the basic idea about RGB Music.

This program "RGB MusicLab Subway Synesthesia" was combined an algorithmic composition software "RGB MusicLab" with sound installation "Subway Synesthesia". The sound installation was made by "RGB MusicLab". There are original photographs of the music, and the documents of composition, and animation on the right side. You can compose and play your version of music from the photographs, and trace the composition of the installation interactively.

The most right side ten document icons are music data. They were composed for the sound installation "Subway Synesthesia" created from a series of New York City Subway photographs.

The RGB Music documents contains each color data of the music, and a three-dimensional drawing animation data. Created music is not only RGB color data. You can convert them to XYZ three-dimensional animation too.

The background color coordinates with the RGB sound and the position of three-dimensional point.

Web App version is

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