Festival Entries:

Festival du Film de Strasbourg - Palmares 2010: Special Mention

Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona - Premios 2009: Special Mention

San Francisco Short Film Festival - 2009 Awards: Official Selection

Chicago Short Film Festival - 2008 Awards: Official Selection

Festival du Cinema de Paris - Palmares 2008/9: Official Selection

New York Short Film Festival - 2011 Awards (Pending)

Los Angeles Short Film Awards - 2011 Awards (Pending)


Plot: A sensitive, enigmatic and sarcastic movie about a man called 'RUSH'. speaks to us about the evanescent of the 'momentum' and the search of the reality.

Review: RUSH was my first eye-catching short movie.
I had produced this particular movie as a final term-based project for my university as it was granted as a success. Unquestionably,making a film is more complicated,more time-consuming,more labour-intensive- and incomparably more expensive.

For that I had worked with a very self-esteemed crew who had the priorty of producing a movie not just for academical purpose but
also for good-time memories.Therefore I would like to hereby thank to all my friends,family members and my fellow lectures who assist me with all cause.

Finally,I find myself time after time asking the same question,and even though I'm only too aware of the essential role of each memberof the crew,I'm still awed by the extraordinary degree of artifice that is required to simulate reality in order, paradoxically,to make
fiction. RUSH was the stop-motion based fiction that I was looking for.

The last word is for Annual Program Without Frontiers, who let my dreams come true.

The Credits

Script Writer: Yunus Biren

Script Supervisor: Associates Prof.Dr. Ozlem Oguzhan

Second Director: Akin Serter

Camera Operator: Akin Serter and Erkal Mathias

On line Editor: Yunus Biren

Off line Editor: Akin Serter and Yunus Biren

Sound Designer: Faruk Emre Kaplan

Composer: Faruk Emre Kaplan and Yunus Biren and Barbaros Ali Kaynak

Music Supervisor: Barbaros Ali Kaynak

Producer: Yunus Biren

Director: Yunus Biren


Meltem: Meltem Artun

Rush: Yunus Biren

Boss: Tolga Biren

Employee: Bahar Mara

Delivery Guy: Erkal Mathias

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