Performance by recoil performance group

Premiered on february 22nd 2010
At Dansehallerne
Copenhagen, Denmark

"F**k You, Buddy" is a visual and dramatic fusion of game theory (a mathematical attempt to pre­dict human behaviour) and the dramaturgical development in computer games over the last decade.
From the totalitarian collectivism in games like Lem­mings to the anarchistic indi­vidualism in GTA.
F**k you, Buddy is a performance for the sake of the game, a game about winning at any cost and about being born inherently selfish....or?"

Video scenography: Ole Kristensen og Jonas Jongejan
Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard
Dancers: Patricia Pawlik, Maxim-Jo Bech Mcgosh, Nassim Meki and Rumiko Otsuko.
Music: Pelle Skovmand

Video by Søren Meisner

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