This is a ten key square-wave synthesizer with LFO (low frequency oscillator) modulation. There is a frequency control that sets the range of pitches laid out on the buttons, so it does not play specific traditional notes. It is monophonic and will sound the highest pitch being played.

The LFO modulator can be turned on or off with a second switch and has controls for the amount of modulation and speed of the LFO. A second red LED light flashes in time.

There is also a volume control and power on/off switch. A standard 1/4" jack makes it easy to connect to amps, effects, recording equipment, etc. Power is supplied by the included wall adapter.

The old wood box it is built into has slightly warped or was made a bit crooked, but is solid. Inside is a trace of it's previous life. It measures roughly 5x4 inches.

Hope this finds a good home.

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