Raised "Up North" in mostly Jewish Italian communities. Jimmy "The Jew" Gumba currently lives in Central Florida and works off the books for what he describes as "a fat greasy jerk off". On top of it all Jimmy G just wants to be a MADE MAN but the Half Jew thing keeps getting in the way!

SOURCE: Wikipedia - A made man, also known as a wiseguy, made guy, man of honor, or Mafioso (plural: Mafiosi), is someone who has been officially inducted into the Sicilian or American Mafia (Cosa Nostra).
--Traditionally, in order to become a made member of the Mafia, the inductee had to be a male of full Italian (preferably Sicilian) descent. Today, it is believed that this requirement has been loosened so that males of half Italian descent through their father's line can also be inducted.

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