Excerpts from stories I've produced (and did some shooting on as well):

"Driven to Despair" - Correspondent: David Brancaccio
- explores the link between the mortgage meltdown
and spiking gas prices as it impacts families in the
exurbs of Southern California.

"Minimum Wedge" - Correspondent: David Brancaccio
- the minimum wage as an election year "wedge" issue.
(at 1 minute, 11 seconds)

"Janitor Justice" (web exclusive)
- Correspondent: David Brancaccio
- the campaign by the SEIU to unionize janitors making
$5.15 an hour in Houston, Texas.
(at 2 minutes 23 seconds)

"The Watchers" - Correspondent: Maria Hinojosa
- the revelation of and controversy surrounding the
Bush Administration's domestic spying program.
(at 4 minutes, 7 seconds)

I can be contacted at waysandmeans@earthlink.net

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