Hello everybody !!!

I really like automn and all its colours. It is a nice season of harvest and also of separating what will be kept and what will be discarded. Nature is beautiful wearing her dress of multiple colours that she keeps on changing every day.

And I am really happy about this video. Since a while, I wanted to make a video on autumn and also on the Jardin Botanique, the Botanical Garden in Brussels. I had made a first video on the Botanical Garden a while back. It was a kind of a walk through it. Then I made a first exploration on Autumn Colours this week-end, again with footage from the Jardin Botanique.

And now, finally, here is what I more or less really had in mind. Thanks for all your reactions and comments and especially to Jon's last comment on Autumn Colours that finally set me free and triggered this one to happen.

Plenty of good Autumn energies and inspirations to all of you !!!


PS: The music is an extract of Antonio Vivaldi's Spring. And it is Yehudi Menuhin on the violin. When I made the video, I thought the music was an extract from Autumn as it evokes so nicely the leaves whirling in the wind ... Just found out after that the music is exactly opposite to the visual content ... Well, also very nice ... and opens up other ways to looking at spring and autumn ;-). Enjoy !!!



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