This is the second trailer for "Oh Shit! its the FUZZ!!". The video will drop Middle of WINTER. Possibly before the year ends but that's no promise. Also, Stay tuned for another Trailer for what was suppose to be "The Daily Grind" skate video for the skate shop. It will be renamed as something else. So yeah, keep hating, eat your vegetables and sharpen those pimp canes to become a pokemon master.

eric koston guy mariano sean malto mikey taylor brandon biebel marc johnson mike mo capaldi vince capaldi rick mccrank jerone wilson willy santos jimmy cao dave bachinski cody mac andrew reynolds brandon wastegate jerry hsu leo romero kevin spanky long jaws paul rodriguez prod chris cole torey pudwill shane o neil ryan sheckler daewon song rodney mullen chris haslam greg luzka stefan janoski boo silas baxter neil ollie kickflip heelflip treflip 360 flip 3flip varial kickflip inward heel pop shove it shuv hardflip gazelle nollie fakie 180 540 720 50-50 5-0 grind nosegrind front crooked tailslide noseslide boardslide lipslide bluntslide noseblunt hurricane smith feeble

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