Another way of saying it is raining in Māori is “Ranginui (the skyfather) is crying for Papatuanuku.” Personifying the natural world and hence showing our human dependence on and relationship with nature, also gives the falling rain an emotional association. The main theme of the video is about having 'feeling,' being able to feel despite traumatic childhood events. Tears are signs of emotion, a sign of being able to feel, to listen, to learn from and to relate to the environment.

Locations: thanks for Nigel for getting us to Mt Dampner Falls near Tahora; to Julian and all participants of the SLow FLow (Te Ia Kōrero) along the Whanganui river, clouds: a Leiden summer's day.

Texts: Three lines of lyrics from "Four Seasons in One Day" by New Zealand musicians, Neil + Tim Finn (x-Crowded House), Sociology by Anthony Giddens, Paraphrases from the article The Scapegoat Complex: Archetypal Reflections on a Culture of Severance by George McGrath Callan. Some lines from The Four Quartets by T.S. Elliot.

Soundscape: created with sounds from and recorded sounds on location, including a jam session with Pūherehua (bull roarers), a Māori traditional instrument.

More about the suite of five videos and the video installation is at

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