The impending launch of the Mac App Store has reignited my desire to program desktop software.

I've got a simple idea for a to-do list app codename "sticky buns". I think it's focused enough that I could actually get it done in time for the launch of the store, expose me to a lot of new programming concepts, and get a chance to work on my fit and finishing skills.

I would love feedback concerning the idea of the app, the user interaction, pricing, and it's overall usefulness.

My goal is to have a functioning prototype by Nov 10th at 2:00 pm (14 days 2 hours).

Time to make wireframes: 40 min
Time to make video and blog post: 33 min

P.S. Apparently the mic on my headphones picks up my beard prickling quite nicely. I use the same setup on my phone so how long has this been going on and why hasn't anybody I've talked to told me about it?

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