In the Everest region of Nepal, the Sherpa people are already facing the impact of climate change in the Himalayas: from the changes on the mountains, their spiritual gods, to the impact on the food production. On a journey to Imja lake, we witness how the increase of temperature in the region is affecting the livelihoods of the Sherpa people and other minority groups in the area. The melting is also causing glacial lakes outburst floods (GLOF), which put the population at risk.
However, the melting of the glaciers poses a huge risk not only for these communities, but also for the millions of people in Asia who depend on the water of the main big Asian rivers born in the Himalayas.


Executive producer: Minority Rights Group International

Producer and Director: Anna Colom

Production assistant: Fernando Ferré

Camera operator: Anna Colom

Editor: Anna Colom

Music composer: Giovanni Sipiano (Inquestmusic)

Audio post-production: Inquestmusic

Translator: Pemba Thiley Sherpa

Main subject: Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa

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