Well, this is far from being a meaningful review of the JVC Everio, but a simple
candid movie Shooting of my 18-old month grandson. A Long-Overdue visit to the Audubon Zoo, 3 years after hurricane Katrina. Hey, my super 16mm Bolex can stay in the closet for a bit longer.
I would have liked to researched this camera a little more, I wanted a small camera that it can record high-definition video directly to a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or, to an SD card.
One minor problem I encountered with the HD3U is that before I could use the files for editing, (JVC .TOD) I had to transcode (convert) them to MPEG so they can be imported into Adobe premiere pro CS3 or the Avid Xpress video editing software. The resulting uncompressed 7 gig edited version was ultimately converted to 1280x720 (HDTV 720p) 24 fps deinterlaced, 75 Meg for Vimeo.
I own professional HD equipment but this little camera did
the trick for me. Portable, Lightweight and very easy to handle. I used a specialized software to compensate for the camera shaking. There is simply no substitute for having a good tripod though.

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