Let him be President (of a modest retail chain)!

This video was produced by Mandisa Basarich, Brandon Sugiyama, and Matt Swack as part of their final project in a music video class at Ex'pressions College for Digital Arts (expression.edu).

The song is "President" written by Alexis Harte and performed by his band (alexisharte.com).

To read my blog that shows how we completed the project, go to:

Let Bush be president of a modest retail chain.
Shrub's Old Fashioned Western Wear out on Industrial Way.

You know the place on the outskirts of town.
Wait, right here.
I'll bring the big cheese down

From his wood paneled office with his boots raised high.
He commands a certain respect.
He'll looks you in the eyes and he'll say:

I was King of the World.
But it was too much stress and I couldn't pinch the office girls.
And I'm so much happier now doing this.

No more red phone.
I can't just call up Putin.
I didn't like the guy anyway.
He was too damn high falutin.

So lets go 4-wheelin' down on my ranch.
Wait, right here.
We'll go shooting at the cans on the fences I could never mend.
So the young men I had to send.
I couldn't look them in the eyes and have to say:

It's a better world.
Who cares if it's a lie as long as the flags unfurl.
And I am so much happier now doing this.

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