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"11 for 11" is a campaign for Canadians to go above and beyond this November. Over 150 soldiers have given their lives over the last 8 years, many leav¬ing families and very young children behind. This November Canadians will remember the fallen, but they can also remember the children who lost their heroes. From November 1st to 11th we are asking the public to donate $11 to the Canadian Hero Fund Scholarship Program. These scholarships ensure that the children of our fallen heroes are able to follow their dreams, and that the dreams of those soldiers who wanted more for future generations are not forgotten.

About Canadian Hero Fund (

The Canadian Hero Fund is a registered charitable organization dedicated to supporting Canadian military personnel and their families. Canadian Hero Fund was founded in 2009 by students and recent graduates at the University of Toronto who were deeply affected by the increasing number of Canadian casualties in Afghanistan and the young families they left behind. As university students, the founders understood the benefits of post-secondary education and felt the best way they could help these families was to provide the same opportunities to the dependents of fallen Canadian soldiers. The initial project of the Canadian Hero Fund is therefore to provide post-secondary scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen Canadian soldiers.

As a national civilian charity, the Canadian Hero Fund raises money through community, grassroots efforts and acts as a conduit for all Canadians to show their support and care for military families and their sacrifice. The initial project of the Canadian Hero Fund is to provide post-secondary scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen Canadian soldiers. Scholarships awarded by the Fund help finance post-secondary education at government-accredited universities, colleges and technical schools. Our fundraising goal for the Scholarship Program is $2,000,000 over four years. The Canadian Hero Fund allocated its first scholarship in the Fall of 2010.

Video Credits:

The 11 for 11 Campaign Video was made possible by the following companies who's staff graciously donated their time, passion, and creativity to this project. The 11 for 11 video production was led by the advertising Agency DraftFCB and their Creative Director Robin Heisey. Music for the video, the song "Highway of Heroes" was provided by the Canadian rock band The Trews. Canadian Hero Fund would like to give a special "Thank You" to Canadian Actor and Producer Paul Gross who narrated the video.

DraftFCB -
Kelly Cavanaugh, Mark Fitzgerald, Robin Heisey, Stefanie Saganski, Patrick Weir
Paul Gross -
Silent Joe -
Jody Colero
Stealing Time Editing -
Fred Esporlas, Mark Hajek, Denise Shearer
The Trews -
Colin MacDonald, John Angus-MacDonald, Jack Syperek, Sean Dalton, with credits to Tim Chaisson, Gordie Johnson, Tim Martin, Larry Wanagas

Photos Courtesy of the Department of National Defence:


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P.O. Box 19532
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3T9
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