Using resource based principles with advanced agriculture, Molecular Synergy is committed to sustainably empowering disadvantaged individuals with the information, resources, tools and materials to improve conditions and access capital. Those empowered individuals together can form empowered communities.

Molecular Synergy is dedicated to building low-cost structures for agriculture, living / working space and retail space to grow, process and retail raw materials and products thereof needed to build communities.

Molecular Synergy exists to provide relief of those in need due to financial hardship, promote community development, urban and rural regeneration, provide access to the arts, promote sustainable development and environmental improvement via recycling and the use of the principles of New Urbanism combined with advanced agriculture.

Molecular Synergy NonProfit Community Development
145 – 157 St John Street
United Kingdom
Skype: MolecularSynergy
+44 (0) 20 3286 0788

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