The single-channel video, Forever Young, is the result of a professional casting call, in which Gerrity searched for Los Angeles actresses that shared the artist's physical attributes. This environmental experience of a casting call accentuates the discomforts and desires related to representation by placing the viewer in a position of consumer, audience, casting director and artist.

Actresses in the industry appear interchangeable, yet the people doing the casting claim to be looking for something unique. Gerrity sought to explore the tension women face to fit the mold, and, break it at the same time.

Through a lens of female subjectivity Gerrity examines desire, the relationship with the gaze and the condition of public spectacle and individual ambition. Gerrity often incorporates constructed narratives and imagined realities to unwind the layers that conceal an identity anxiety.

The audition of these doppelgangers becomes strained, loses touch with reality, and the gaze of the camera/artist and the gaze of the actress become intertwined, feverish and hallucinatory.

Cast: Megan Rebecca Richwine, Colleen Anne Johnston, Jeanette Steiner, Amanda Rowan
Voice of Artist: Amanda Rowan
Director & Writer: Alexa Gerrity
Camera: Paul Gillis, Alexa Gerrity
Editing: Alexa Gerrity, Paul Gillis
Sound Design: Alexa Gerrity
Casting: Vera Van Daam*
Lighting Design: Alexa Gerrity, Paul Gillis
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Amanda Rowan
Still Photography: Alexa Gerrity, Amanda Rowan
Special Thanks: Art Center College of Design for location, Spencer Gillis, and LA Casting.
*another doppleganger of the artist

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