A short piece we did in for an HD class using the Canon 7D.

50mm 1.8, Macro,

Starring: Claire McKeown, German Sotomyer, Noreen Ayonayon,
Production Crew: Paul Woodruff, Michael Whitmore, Mario Martinez, Roy Pena,
Costume, Riva Rivera, Nathan Phelps
Prop Masters: Marisela Gomez, Ashley Kraus, Venessa Johnson, Kristie Blomgren, LeAndra Martinez,
Make Up: Venessa Johnson, Riva Rivera,
Camera: Roy Pena
Animation: Mario Martinez, Michael Whitmore,
Art Work: By Trenton Manygoats
Visual Effects: Roy Pena
Written and Directed: Nathan Phelps

Poems by Kahlil Gibran
Music: Rainbow Voices on the Baraka Soundtrack

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