Here is a little stop motion experiment. I am a still photographer and working frame by frame comes easier than motion. When I was 12 I convinced my father to buy a digital camera for his work. Soon he could barley tear it from my arms. Why I wanted a camera was to do stop motion. I was obsessed with this idea of making flowers and vegetables come to life. Real flowers, not fake computer ones like Pixar, this was my goal for a camera. When I got the camera, any idea of animating flowers and plants flew from my mind, as I got lost in the wonders of a world through the lens. I spent countless hours on my belly in my back yard trying to get as close to a violet’s face as possible.
It has taken me 10 years to get back to my first inspiration. Here is my first stop motion experiments doing exactly what I did when I was 12, lying on my belly in my yard examining the world through the lens. All photos are shot with a Nikon D300 camera, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens, edited in Light room 2, and then strung together in Final cut pro 7. Maybe I’ll actually make them come to life with a little more practice.

Freya Fennwood,

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