1998 | 8 mins | 16mm

Winner of the IMZ Dance Screen Award
Best Screen Choreography, Dance Screen 1999
Selected for Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival.

DUST traces the absurd solitary journey of a stranded, long- distance swimmer within a waterless world. Searching for the sea of her dreams, her struggle eventually brings rain, regeneration and hope. With a strong foreboding atmosphere and a massive soundscape, it reverberates through to very heart of Planet Dust.

Jury Citation
The short film "Dust" creates a gripping atmosphere within 8 minutes. This is due to a carefully placed camera, framing details of body movements, as well as special lighting effects and carefully chosen frames. The award honours outstanding camera work. What is astonishing about this film is that one would wish it were longer.

A Film by Anthony Atanasio
written, directed and produced by: Anthony Atanasio
choreography: Miriam King and Anthony Atanasio
camera, edit, sound: Anthony Atanasio
supported and funded by south east dance agency and lighthouse
produced by Anthony Atanasio, Valerie Martinez and Iconography Inc
production assistants: Valerie Martinez, Kevin Early, Darryl Lonsbrough, and Stanley Atanasio
performed by Miriam King and Valerie Martinez
shot entirely on location in camber sands and a garden in portsmouth
screened on ARTE and at the clermont-ferrand film festival and numerous other festivals

"Dust" was the first South East Dance Agency (UK) Dance for Camera commission awarded for collaboration between choreographer and performer Miriam King and film-maker/director Anthony Atanasio

©Anthony Atanasio. All Rights Reserved.

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