Adams State Adventure Programs has a long history of providing adventure recreation opportunities for the Adams State College community. Our history extends back to 1925 when Professor Luther Bean began taking students up the 14345 ft mountain. The program has taken many turns through out its 85 year history, but continues to grow strong and provide exceptional adventure based trips.

Adams State is a small college in rural Colorado and is recognized nationally as Hispanic Serving Institution. Adventure Programs provides a variety of student lead trips that include mountaineering, mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, skiing and boarding, and winter camping. ASAP Guides are students who commit more than 30 days a year of unpaid time to train for our trips and programs to provide the Adams State community with adventure recreation.

Like a lot of colleges, our budgets are tight and we see this as an opportunity to provide some international adventure travel experience and mountaineering experience to our ASAP Guides. We are looking toward South America and specifically Bolivia if we win the competition.

Ascension was the brainchild of the Adventure Programs Intern and a few of the ASAP Guides. I hope that you enjoy the “mockumentary” style video of the Ascension and we look forward to the competition. Please check out Adventure Programs via:


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