Having failed to capture any actual video of this print going down I thought I would take a minute to see what I could do with the photos I took. Bearing in mind when I was shooting these images I had no plans to make a time lapse edit I think this came out alright. I used Aperture 3 to make this.

Here is the info on the print : "To celebrate the launch of issue 13, the guys at VNA (Britain's foremost independent Street Art Magazine) wanted to do something special.

Eine, both issue 13's featured artist and Moniker Art Fair contributor, lent some of his beautiful numbers to a limited edition screen printed cover for the magazine.

The Moniker Art Fair, which ran from the 14th to 17th of October, hosted the launch of issue 13, and we had the pleasure of screen printing an edition of 190 magazines with Eine's fresh 4 colour artwork.

Every copy was signed by the artist, with 100 of the edition for sale on the night and 50 being put randomly into distribution.

The remaining 40 are destined to become gold-dust, coveted by wealthy art collectors and street art aficionados alike.

Check out the VNA blog for more of what went down.



Oh, and check out our most awesome work experience chap of chaps, Sam Bailey, pitching in there. Hands on!"

The music is Michna - Tripple Chrome Dipped.

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