This is the astrology of someone who has many talents: artistically, athletically, and also in business.
One of the first things to notice is the number of strongly placed planets. Saturn is in its own house Aquarius and is directly aspecting the ascendant, which is Leo (vedic).
Saturn aspecting the Ascendant leads to international fame. Saturn period is 2018-2037.
The Northern Node, Rahu is exalted and is conjunct Jupiter and the Moon. this will give managerial, as well as intuitive abilities. Together these plants, Jupiter and Rahu are aspecting Venus which will give charisma.
Studying the Vimsotarri dasa period progression in this chart shows that Chris is in his 16 year Jupiter period and since Jupiter is the ruler of the 5th and the 8th house and is placed in the 10th house, there will be much emphasis on career development. Also Jupiter is "avarohini", which means that Jupiter is approaching its exalted point and, hence in strength.
Now, separate from your own "vimsotarri progression", there is the transit of the major benefactor Jupiter at this moment. For the remainder of 2008, the planet Jupiter is transiting in Chris' 8th house, until around Jan 20, 2009. then it will be in his house of luck(9th). So over the Fall there may be secret alliances.
the 2rd pada of Krtikka indicates a "brave and proud person, who may be somewhat indiscreet and may have an unusual means of livelihood."

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