This Berlin-based band was just so sweet when we met them, that the video turned out real long. We spoke for about half an hour. What was left of the raw material after the final cut were roughly 12 minutes. It always hurts so much to leave out parts of a fun and diversified conversation. But what can you do? It's the internet in the end...

Anyway, this band has been present within the Berlin Free Folk scene for quite a while and is slowly also becoming more and more visible in other European countries. So it's no surprise at all that Anne and Jakob just returned from a tour through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.

When we had coffee on Schwedterstraße in Berlin they seemed to be in a real good mood, laughing a lot and being really enthusiastic about their music and the universe surrounding it. But now please quit reading and press "play"!

presented by Kalooga Magazine {}
interview by Eugen Braeunig
camera by Ricardo Domeneck

{shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, edited with After Effects and iMovie}

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