“Rilke, Gigi, And . . . Dear Kurt”, a performance art work, was created in 1983 for the Rhode Island Art Event at Brown University. The work is based on the poem “Dear Kurt”, which recalls the experience of a child of the Holocaust.

A single Jewish family is the core of the performance, in the belief that people can more easily identify with “one” than with millions. The poem “Dear Kurt” is seen with the eyes of a child who has taken in the terror and destruction, committing it forever to memory. Stripped of the cloth of our humanity, left naked, we continue to bear witness.

The child/artist will not allow time to diminish the past. By recreating the past, there is a glimmer of hope that you, the viewer, will then become a link of memory to memory . . . action to action, that never again will children’s eyes witness the past, present, or future atrocities.

The performance is also offered as a triumph of the human spirit with moments of relief, hope, and whimsy. A 60-minute videotape documents the first performance at the Goucher College Mildred Dunnock Theater in 1992, shown here in 4 parts.

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