Format: 1080i HD
Length: 30 Sec.
Completed: 31 October 2010
Budget: $50.00

Log line
A man has an accident on his clean freshly ironed shirt.

This film was made for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G Contest judged by Michael Bay with a grand prize of $25,000. It was promptly rejected right after submitting it. I wasn't even going to submit a film since I found out about this with only a week to do something and while juggling two other productions. The idea must have just popped in there, and since it was so simple I knew we had to do it. it took about a day of work to build the eyeball guts and rig a blood pump together for the spray. Shooting it was only about 6 hours of work, with one hour devoted to applying the makeup and liquid latex. Probably about another hour of us cleaning up blood that was all over the walls and floor - should have pulled a dexter. Editing was about a day of work just tweaking the sound and using a frame meld and some photoshop to meld the jump cut together.

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