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Gradle pushes declarative builds to a new level. It allows users to provide there own declarative elements and to customize the behavior of the build-in ones. Thus enabling concise, expressive and maintainable builds. All this is build on a rich, flexible imperative layer of tasks.

With its Deep API, Gradle allows you to hook in and customize every aspect of the build, be it configuration or execution behavior.

Gradle comes with many optimization strategies for building fast and yet reliably. It has a powerful support for multi-project builds and transitive dependency management. It allows to integrate with your existing Ant/Maven builds and your Ivy/Maven/Custom repositories.

The demos will span dependency management, test result analysis, code sharing, parallel testing, incremental builds, integrating with Ant/Maven and more.

Speaker: Hans Dockter is the founder and project lead of the Gradle build system and the CEO of Gradle Inc, a company that provides training, support and consulting for Gradle and all forms of enterprise software project automation in general.

Hans has 13 years of experience as a software developer, team leader, architect, trainer, and technical mentor. Hans is a thought leader in the field of project automation and has successfully been in charge of numerous large-scale enterprise builds. He is also an advocate of Domain Driven Design, having taught classes and delivered presentations on this topic together with Eric Evans. In the earlier days, Hans was also a committer for the JBoss project and founded the JBoss-IDE

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