I am staying about 10months as an exchange student here in Finland. This video contains footage I shot since I am in Finland.

But let me say one thing for everyone who wants to complain about the long intro (about two minutes): This video I haven´t made to create a something like a showreel! Much more this video is a reminiscence for all this what I have already experienced here! So it contains not only Parkour footage, but also this stuuf from my departure. If you don´t wanna see this, just skip the first two minutes, but I still would be glad if you liked to see also this stuff!

I also would be fairly happy if you could give me a feedback to the editing, because I tried a few new things...

The camera I used is the GoPro Hero HD. I recorded some clips in a uncommon resulotion (720x960), so the film format is a bit strange and sometimes the size of the clips changes, but it was necessary for the 1st person shots.

All the spots are in Rauma in Westfinland.

For the music just ask in the comments or on our channel or on my one channel ;)

Especially i wanna thank still my finnish schoolfriend Jeremi, who took all these in my opinion amazing pictures !!! THANK YOU!!!!! KIITOS!!!!

I don´t know why the video stops at this one point, but i cannot change it :( - WMM -.-

I hope you (still) enjoy it a bit ;)

greets from Finland


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My channel:

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