September, 1609: A small ship sent from Europe to find a northern route to the Orient sails 150 miles up a river on the "unknown" North American continent. The events that transpire on that voyage -- the encounters of European sailors and indigenous people, and the information brought back to the Dutch East India Company in Amsterdam -- prefigure the interaction of cultures that will shape a new nation.

With stunning visuals and live music, Arm-of-the-Sea harnesses the transformational energy of mask and puppet theatre to re-imagine from multiple points of view Hudson's voyage on the river that now bears his name. Based on the log of first mate Robert Juet, and the oral traditions of Lenape and Mahican peoples, Mutual Strangers presents a collage of overlapping narratives to mark the 400th anniversary of this world-changing voyage. The show is designed to engage audiences of many ages and walks of life.

Mutual Strangers is made possible with support from the Jim Henson Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, the Quadricentennial Commission, and by public funds from the NY State Council of the Arts, a state agency.

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