Many of us go through our daily business and personal lives without the inclination or know-how to reach out to others who have walked the same paths that we are now traveling. As we start figuring life out, we are often reticent to share those "Best Known Methods" with younger people who could benefit from our hard-won experiences. The idea of mentoring is simple in concept, but unfortunately rarely practiced effectively. It requires that both mentor and mentee be open to influence and feedback, able to examine and own their issues and willing to make changes in their life. It is hard work, but can be very rewarding.

Bill Lattin and Brian Forbes describe the business and personal mentoring relationship that they have developed and nurtured over the past 15 years and provide tools and ideas on how everyone can participate in and benefit from being a mentor or a mentee.

Bill Lattin is retired President and CEO of Logic Modeling, Executive VP of Synopsys, and Vice President of Intel Corp.

Brian Forbes is Marketing Manager for VMware

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