When prospective clients contact me, one of the first things I'll tell them to do is to chronicle the journey of the making their film.

I tell them they absolutely need to have a dedicated person on staff who's responsible for the following (ideally a paid position):

** the writer-director's daily journal.
** a production journal.
** making-of stills, on-set behind-the-scenes stills, and location scouting ("reccie") stills.
** video footage of everything.

I also tell them they need to back this information up in *four* places (yes, 4!), ideally on two SDHC memory cards and two external memory (HD) sources.

Trust me, you'll be glad that you did...especially as the amount of behind-the-scenes footage reaches into the Tb capacity!

All of this material can later be used as part of your DVD special features and monetized accordingly.

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