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A Prophet of God Brings Light for Mankind

We Live in an age when virtually anything seems within man's reach. Space travel, computer technology, genetic engineering, and other scientific innovations have opened up new possibilities to the human race, bringing the hope of a better life- perhaps even a longer one.

Have such advances enable you to remove the locks from your doors? Have they eliminated the threat of war? Have they cured disease or removed the sorrow of losing a loved one in death? Hardly! Human progress, remarkable as it may be, is limited. "We have figured out how to travel to the moon, make ever more powerful silicon chips, and transplant human gene," state a report by World watch Institute. "But we have not yet been able to provide clean water to a billion people, slow the loss of thousands of species, or meet our energy needs without destabilizing the atmosphere." Understandably, many look to the future with anxiety, uncertain about where to turn for comfort and hope.

The situation we face today is similar to that to God's people during the eighth century B.C.E At that time, God commissioned his servant to bring a message of comfort to the inhabitants of this planet, and comfort was just what they needed. Turbulent events rocked the nation. The cruel Assyrian Empire would soon menace the land, filling many with dread. Where could God's people return for salvation? The name of Jehovah was on their lips, but they preferred to put their trust in men. - 2 Kings 16:7; 18:21.

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