This is a small introductive tutorial to prepare you for the "XPresso Lessons".

What are "XPresso Lessons"?
The XPresso Lessons series is a free training "class" on, where participants will be given a task / confronted with a problem, that has to be solved using XPresso within a week. Like homework in school, but without grades :)

What is XPresso?
Every Cinema 4D user has stumbled upon the XPresso-tag at a certain time. Many try to avoid it because they fear its implications of coding or mathmatics. The stuff that designers usually don't want to deal with. And it is true: XPresso can include complex mathmatics or coding, but it doesn't have to! XPresso's node-based system lets us set up "automated object interactions simply by drawing lines from one object to another" (Cinema 4D reference).

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