Imperfect Samples' Brasted Broken Upright Piano is the most detailed sample library of its kind. This is an out of tune honky tonk piano to the extreme. The Brasted Broken Upright Piano was sitting in an old house gathering dust for over 90 years. This upright piano is suitable for situations where an intimate, and unusual piano sound is required.


* Over 11,000 unique samples
* Over 30GB
* 4 Unique Microphone Perspectives (Player, Close, Room, Hall)
* 24 bit audio fidelity
* Broken Strings
* Broken honky tonk character
* Untuned for 90 years
* Up to 11 layers
* Piano FX
* Lid sounds, fingers, pedals, wood knocks, more...
* TrueStaccato™
* TrueCrotchet™
* Raw and organic sound
* Realistic

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