SAR-A-PALOOZA ....The Lost Tapes. Sarah Palin and Katie Couric interview. See who shoots the moose...was it Sarah? Sarah talks with Katie about moose, the Bush doctrine, the Dirty Sanchez, the bp oil spill, Mama Grizzly, Big Macs, her OB/GYN and more......Will Katie lose it?

We hope we can make you smile, but also think about how these important issues will shape Americas future. Please visit our site for more info on peak oil and the corporate takeover of our country.

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We are honored to make 25% Donation for each shirt we sell to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund to help those affected by the Gulf oil spill. Additional proceeds will help fund future videos on important issues.

Please check back soon for our “The Walrus and The Eggmen” video.

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