pLayModes is an interactive installation that plays with the concepts of: image, time, body and movement. Inspired in the “magic mirrors” at attractions park and the VJ culture, the installation captures the public’s attention with the magic of a funfair.

This installation is based on the concept of “video buffer”: on one hand, the installation shows us our image in real time composed with our image in the immediate past. The user/player composes video choreographies with his body and his reflexion temporaly manipulated. All of this in different interactive modes which add up to create an experimental instrument for digital video dance.

From an in movement chrono-photographic effect, loops in real time, vj type FreeFrame and video delay effects, the object is that the user should experiment with his or her own image with the interactive manipulation capacity of the latest VJing tendencies. The user’s interaction, by means of the artificial vision interface, allows us to control and manipulate the installation with a led pointer in four colors. The installation is placed with groovy music to incite people to dance.

This is a project that came into being in the Laboratory of Interactive Dance that took place as a result of the celebration of the IDN (Imatge Dansa i Nous Mitjans [Image Dance and New Media]) festival in early 2007 in Barcelona. pLayModes is a project in process, a project with an open source code that has been developed in the open-Frameworks environment. This project has been developed thanks to NU2’s and l'Associació Cultural Telenoika.

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