Hello Vimeo friends!

I'm in the Top 3 for this competition - please VOTE!
Voting closes and winner is announces on Friday 5pm, 19th November 2010.

I'm taking part in a competition with a New Zealand company called Downunder World Insurance. The prize for this competition is to win a 12-weeks around-the-world travel ticket to visit countries like England, Italy, Egypt, Uganda, Nepal, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and The Republic of Singapore. As part of the travels, one will help third-world agency, TEAR Fund, with some of the projects in developing countries. If successful, I could be traveling the world again from the end of January 2011!

This is my one minute entry, explaining who I am, why I want to go, how I can be a help and not a hinderance to the third world, and also the most insane thing I have ever done.
Your support is HUGELY appreciated!!

Thanks guys,

Music used legally under the
Creative Commons licencing system.
"Leaving" - by Chill Carrier

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