Later in that aforementioned and documented early summer day 2010. The description of also goes for this vid.
One is only allowed to fly downwind over the air field on the flat top of Ålleberg at no less than 200 m above ground. Apart from that restriction, there is none, because Ålleberg and the town of Falköping are located far enough east of the controlled air spaces around Göteborg, so despite the road travel required, it is worth the fuel and time to get there, provided I go there on a day as nice as this one , which was the only time in 2010 that I went and soared there to finally go over the back. Fortunately for me, this time there was a little power left in my Xacti for some video at altitude.
As can be heard in the audio, there was some activity going on at the Ålleberg air field that day, something which nowadays is rather unusual, because there also exists an air field for glider and single engine planes down on the plain east of Falköping.

BTW, the Scandinavian letter Å (or AA) is pronounced something like the O in the English "cold" - not at all like a Germanic A

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