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Rosvita es el trio madrileno de calcetines rojos y cordones desatados - Rosvita is the madrilenian trio with red socks and untied shoelaces.

"Rosvita" - Siete Hermanas (2003) CD
"Podrida Ser" - Famelia/¡Brama! (2006) CD
"Grandes Tormentos" - Everlasting Records (2010) CD/VINYL

Standard/Limited crew:
Juan, Juanjo and Holke as editors and appropriationists.

Footage appropriated from the great RTVE (spanish public television) Segunda oportunidad. Presented by Paco Costas and with the reckless stuntman (cascadeur in french), the amazing Alain Petit.

Segunda oprtunidad Opening:

Paco Costas:

Alain Petit:
(in spanish)
(in spanish)


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