Here we will discuss the basic principles on how to create a simple title sequence entirely within After Effects. We will first look at separating our text so that each letter is an individual layer, then repositioning them in 3D space, and finally how to animate a camera to make your titles look more dynamic.

While the content of what is created in this video may not be the most visually astounding; the underlying factors used are applicable to a vast number of other projects that you can create.

topics covered include:
- how to convert your layers into 3D layers
- how to position and rotate your layers in 3D space
- using solids and masks as guides to positioning layers in 3D space
- how a camera works inside of After Effects
- how to animate a camera, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of applying animation data directly to the camera
- how to link the camera to a null object, outlining the refined control you gain by doing this
- three keyframe options that give you greater control over their animation presets; easy ease, easy ease in, and easy ease out
- how to use the graph editor in its simplest form to adjust the speed of animation.

For an example of where I personally have used this approach on at least one occasion, please check out my motion graphics reel video and it's the 'Futureworks' titles very near the beginning were the logo rolls on to reveal the company name, then the camera zooms through the text.

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