For this and other shots in this project, i developed certain approach in order to replicate RealFlow's "Object Field" deamon, but with some different way of using it.
Basic idea is to use any deformable object from maya, place follicles on it, and use those follicles as null's for attaching any number of "small" fields in RealFlow that gives back cumulative "big" "Object deformable field". For this project it was essential to make cloth like behaviour of the fluid, but to still retain fluid motion all over it.
At some stage there were as much as 180 small attractor fields parented on null's, which made new overall force.
For other shots, my colleague Igor Zanic took over this setup, adjusted it a bit, and made more great shots.
RF5 new "Sheeter" deamon enabled to retain beautiful coherent fluid shape without holes in it, and Albert Szostkiewicz's custom made "Object marking script" enabled me to tell which part of the fluid i'd like to transfer to another emitter which didn't have Sheeter deamon applied to it, and to make those ripping edges with few more deamons.

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