The Gym knows that it can be set into any number of position combinations in order to place its bright warm light into any location in the work area.
Its major design feature is its ability to be bent and remain set to any shape.

On first seeing the lamp, it has the appearance of a delicate three-dimensional sculpture of a slender female athletic form.
Its unique interior contrasts with its external restraint.
All three swivel joints of the modular system are at the centre of a patented magnetic grid connection.
As a result, the arm sections can be set in any position and locked securely. The various sections can be extended or exchanged without the use of any tools and three different grid dimensions ensure easy manipulation.
Power for the light is fed through the swivel joints without the use of wires.


* patented magnet technology replaces the use of
securing screws modular system
* simple connection of lighting components
* tool-free replacement of all parts
* the lamp can be equipped with various light
strengths (3,5,7 or 9 LED light heads) and in
various colours (warm white, cold white etc.)
* cableless power feed to the lamp head
* patented magnet grid positioning method of the light


* highly energy-efficient lamp provides 700 Lumens
per 12 Watts
* high ecological efficiency long-life LEDs, circa
40,000 hours
* manufactured from single-sourced materials
(plastic, aluminum and stainless steel) thus
completely recyclable
* simple and resource-efficient production with
minimum packaging and extra light weight

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