This is my third and final video test. This was basically just to see how the exposure lock trick works and how the HV30 films indoors with low light. Yeah, I know it's really short and pointless (I'm not a big fan of it either), but like I said, it's simply to just test how the camera works indoors.

Since this is the final test, the rest of my videos will have some kind of a point or will have a storyline. I will have more tests, but no more camera tests. These tests can be from muzzle flashes to advanced car hits to war scenes.

Shot in 24p, Tv Mode 1/60 shutter using "Custom" Image Effect set to -1 Colour Depth and -1 Contrast.

Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8.

Colour corrected with Magic Bullet Looks using the "Basic Warm" preset. In very low light, I messed with the contrast settings a little to get a better picture.

Music Used:

Sigur Rós - Glósóli.

Note: To those who wonder how I did the exposure lock trick, I used the camera light and came very close to a wall in a room with low light. Then, I kept moving back until it dropped to about f2.2, which actually drops to f2.0 because the aperture changes really fast. Then, I moved the slider up to get f1.8. And that's basically how I did the exposure lock trick to remove gain.

As of now, I gladly accept any ideas for a short film or a summary of something that I can make.

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