Play, the inaugural volume of the Short Play publication, brings together a selection of 14 video works from artists who employ elements of play within their practice. Dancing, singing, frolicking, flying, teleporting and time-travelling, these works are bound by a playful vivacity that acts as a vehicle for sly subversion. Including six essays expanding on the concepts in the work, this diverse and challenging volume runs the gamut of play’s myriad possibilities, in terms of both its role in contemporary art and its significance to everyday life. The result is often a double-edged sword of profundity and fun; a tongue-in-cheek delinquency projecting something deeper while eschewing any po-faced sentimentality of the past.

Motion Graphics by Jayt Buchanan
Sound Design by Ed Gould

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its funding and advisory body.

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