This is a my eye view of a live improvised session, playing an Arp Explorer I analog monosynth through a Line 6 Echo pedal. I did this mainly as a texture-gathering exercise, but I find this piece interesting on its own so here it is.
I like the idea of only using one instrument to make a whole bunch of sounds. The Explorer is a deceptively versatile synth - despite looking plasticky and cheap it's got some great sounds in there.

I hadn't turned the Explorer on for several years so I couldn't remember how to use it at first. Quite a few keys triggered strangely or sometimes not at all and most of the sliders played up. You'll see me drowning the controls with contact cleaner to see if that would help. It didn't, much.

This shaky, hand held film takes quite a while to get going, but I've left it all in because people have asked me how I build up my textures and this shows the process from start to finish. The film making was very much secondary to the music making, so there are bits where I didn't pay attention to the picture while I was concentrating on a button or a slider. You'll see quite a lot of the floor. The ending didn't quite pan out as I would have liked. The signal just failed so that was the end. That's live for you.

I played the Explorer into the Loop Recorder bit of the Line 6 Echo. This is a mono recording with no overdubs. This is a live performance with no computer jiggery pokery. This film drifts out of sync. I don't know why.

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