In 1994, three teenagers were wrongfully convicted of the murder of three eight-year-old boys in the town of West Memphis, Arkansas. As a result of a rush to judgment, “Satanic Panic,” and a false, coerced “confession” by one of the teenagers, who is mentally handicapped, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were sentenced to life without parole and Damien Echols was sentenced to death. Over the past seventeen years, the case of the "West Memphis Three" has gained international notoriety as a modern-day witch hunt. This film contains new interviews with the convicted men, presents evidence of innocence, and follows the campaign being waged for new trials. "Voices for Justice" was screened at a rally of the same name, held on August 28, 2010, in Little Rock. The event, attended by a sell-out crowd of 2,500 people, featured live performances by longtime supporters Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, Natalie Maines, Patti Smith, Fistful of Mercy, Lisa Blount, and Bill Carter, as well a video expression of support from Henry Rollins. Directed by Mike Poe. For more info on the case visit
Dear Supporters,
A good turnout Thursday night for the UALR panel discussion would be a fitting honor for all the work Mara Leveritt and David Jauss have done for the cause. We also look forward to hearing more of Dr. Felecia Epps's insightful commentary in person. We do not know, dear friends, but are checking if online video will be provided at a later date. Learn details using either of these links:
ATA spokesman Lonnie Soury will also speak out for the WM3 on Thursday. Lonnie is slated to go on air at 7 a.m. CST with two Memphis DJs -- Drake and Zeke on 98.1 The Max -- who have commented favorably about the case but derived much of their information, according to supporters, from the Paradise Lost documentaries. Lonnie will provide updated commentary on evidence emerging since 2007 for his hosts and their large-share Memphis/East Arkansas listenership. Thursday you may find the show live here:
This came to our desk in a note from Lorri Davis: This was put together by Quinn Brown, a producer for Larry King. It's so, so good. It's so well edited; really worth the viewing. Also notice that it contains two separate videos.
Beth Warren and The Commercial Appeal continue to pursue this case with the zeal it deserves, but which Arkansas's largest newspaper lacks. In the first link, ATA consultant and former FBI-profiler John Douglas still amazes us with his vision and moxie, and just reading his resume again makes us stand up and cheer.
Notice here, in Beth Warren's keen look at the juggernaut the WM3 effort has become, that Lorri Davis mentions not having heard from Asia about the case, but then hears pronto from a Chinese supporter in the commentary section following the article:
The Arkansas Times's Gerard Matthews takes a hard look here at possible hearing scheduling. Although ATA is dismayed at a seeming lack of urgency among the ranks after a 17-year wait we keep our chins up:
Also ATA cannot help but wonder, in probing Arkansas Times fashion, if the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's apparent apathy toward the case stems from what likely contributed to the circuit court's reticence -- pride. We understand the editors at the AD-G are the same as in 1994, just as the circuit judge stayed the same, and all of them made the wrong call. In fact, we learned in Devil's Knot that the Arkansas Times stood out in 1994 as the only area news source to question the convictions.
Damien's mother speaks out here on LR's FOX-16 news:
The recent Supreme Court ruling for the WM3 made the top of the Innocence Project and the Death Penalty Focus Group newsletters. In an email today, DPFG reminded us of the postcard campaign with this link to help the WM3:
The Innocence Project asks us here to speak up before the current congressional session ends about passing the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, which will address flaws in our justice system particularly in wrongful conviction cases (and, while on this site, shop early to benefit the defense fund):

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