# [Uncle Bob's][] [Bowling Game Kata][] done in [Clojure][] by yours truly.

I haven't found any one else who recorded this being done in Clojure. The basis for my solution to the problem came from [Stuart Halloway's][] [solution][] which was based on Uncle Bob's [attempt][]. Neither Uncle Bob nor Stuart published their's in Kata form though, and I plan to do that in a soon to published post over at Two Negatives. This is the recording of me doing the kata in kata form.

# Credits

Music: Morning Sun and Message Personnel by Dot Allison on Afterglow

[bowling game kata]: butunclebob.com/ArticleS.UncleBob.TheBowlingGameKata
[clojure]: clojure.org/
[solution]: blog.runcoderun.com/post/145675117/tdd-in-a-functional-language-uncle-bobs-bowling
[attempt]: blog.objectmentor.com/articles/2009/07/19/uncle-bob-jsps-learning-
[uncle bob's]: objectmentor.com/index.html
[stuart halloway's]:thinkrelevance.com/

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