Third-world aesthetics cinema. This film is about the end of dreams, the age of real, when your life became an edge riot survival. Totally shoot without electricity an abandoned factory, using inflamable fuel found in local.
A group of nomads making rituals to understand their origins starts to amplify the ferociousness inside them and become the revelation of the nature of man.

*This is a public version of this movie.

Direction - Emerson Pingarilho
Production - Camila Farina e Camila Barbosa
Screenwriting - Alessandra Marder e Emerson Pingarilho
Art Direction - Bruno 9li e Geraldo Tavares
Photography - Diógines Fritsch de Moraes
Camera - André de Oliveira
Additional Cameras - Tiago Lopes e Raquel Brust
Still - Raquel Brust
Figurin - Joice Martins, Bianca Martinez e Raquel Brust
Masks - Valéria Payeras
Make-Up - Niki
Edit - Emerson Pingarilho e Geraldo Tavares
Sound Design - Lucas Mayer e Lou Schmidt
Additional Music - Uivo

Starring - Eliege Pereira dos Santos, Robsom Duarte, Martina Fröhlich, Marcos Caldeira, Renan Leandro, Luana Pedroso, Eugênio Barboza, Carol Falero, Daniel Gustavo, Lívia Perrone e Squat Teimosia

Special Guest - Júlio York

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