Conenza Connections

Your employees and alumni will be able to create networks of trusted personal and professional connections that enable enhanced dialogue and active tracking of people and topics of interest. Conenza Connections also drive increased frequency of use—drawing members back to the site to accept invitations to connect with their colleagues, learn what’s new, and stay to explore what’s been added to the site. Connections also serve a powerful role in contributing to the viral growth of your community.

Benefits of Creating a Corporate Social Network for Employees

Understand and tap into internal skill sets and talent
A vibrant employee social network enables you to learn more about what your people know and who they know so you can effectively tap into and leverage the talent that exists within your organization.

Fuel connections, collaboration and group communication
Move discussions out of the hallways and email and into a shared and searchable environment online were ideas can grow and cross-pollinate with the input of a global team.

Increase productivity
Provide a robust online resource that your people can tap into to get their jobs done smarter and faster. A corporate social network can enable employees to locate specialized knowledge and expertise more quickly and to create shared forums for rapid problem solving.

Increase retention and accelerate on-boarding
When your people feel connected to your business and to each other they are more committed, more productive, and stay longer. An enterprise social network enables your employees to build a deeper level of trust and teamwork. It can also help facilitate rapid employee on-boarding and career development by connecting new employees with peers and mentors that can help them get quickly acclimated and productive.

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