Chindogu + Tomás Laurenzo + Renaud Blanch

ilumina is an interactive installation consisting of a room (of at least 4m x 3m x 4.5m height) with up to eight irregular pyramids (of about 1m tall) in it.
The amount, size, disposition and shape of the pyramids and its disposition is variable, depending on the actual characteristics of the room and the paths to be created in it.
The installation detects when a person is in the room and creates the illusion of this person emitting light. Thus, when he or she approaches a pyramid, the pyramid get more illuminated by him or her, and its shadow is cast in the opposite direction.
The illuminated pyramids also emit sound, which varies depending on the distance to the person.
In the following image (captured from a scaled down demo), four illuminated pyramids can be seen, together with the casted shadows.

All the installation software is programmed in C++ using OpenFrameworks (
The detection of the installation user is done by illuminating the room with infrared light, and analyzing the image obtained with an overhead infrared camera (a modified Sony PS3 Eye). The segmentation and tracking is done with OpenCV (
The illumination is created with an overhead projector that illuminates the corresponding pyramids and draws the shadows on the floor.
The three dimensional mapping of the scene is done by our custom software that allows for an interactive construction of the 3D space of the installation.
The sound is produced by speakers inside the pyramids (one per pyramid), all controlled directly from the computer performing the tracking and projection.
All the installation is controlled by a single computer that, with an eight-channel sound card, handles the projection, the tracking and the sound production.

Background Music: Ojos del Cielo

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