BuildorPro is a web design environment that runs through your browser.

A unique blend of code editing tools and visual access to your markup creates a happy medium between design tool and a development environment.

With BuildorPro, Designing in the browser is finally a reality

Because everything runs through your browser - the browser becomes your development environment.

This means every step you take is instantly reflected in the design window.

If you want to see what a new font stack looks like across your design for example, just open up the css view and change the font family - the changes are then instantly reflected.

And if you have to change the layout of some existing content - just load it directly from the web and you can start manipulating the markup instantly - either using the contextual nature of the design window or hand coding as normal.

When elements have absolute positions, as in this example using Twitter, you can grab them and move them around the page. It's then really easy to add new images, and indeed completely new layouts to your content before reintegrating the markup back into you content management system.

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